¿Do you want to learn spanish in Spain?

We are pleased to introduce you to our company, Elece Centro de Estudios S.L.

We are a language school located in the heart of the attractive university town of Granada, in Andalusia. We are a young company that has already produced high quality results for our clients. We offer a wide range of language courses, but our focus is on Spanish for foreigners (from beginners to advanced levels). Our team of teachers consists of highly motivated, native- speakers who have a lot of experience in the teaching of languages.

Our school is a different school, with small classes based on the didactic methodology of a friendly relationship between students and teachers. Here, we teach Spanish using the best and purest teaching methods and students find it particularly nice to enjoy the bars and nearby leisure activities after class.
We think that the personal contact with the teacher is vital for students to learn their language well. We want our students to have the ability to not only study grammar from a book and answer questions, but to be able to practice their language through interaction and conversation. All of our classes are made for the individual student or for every unique group. Everyone is different and we don’t want to put everyone in the same mold and expect everyone to fit. We do not teach from one particular book, but draw from a variety of resources to compose the best fit for our students.

We define ourselves as a school for students. That means everything we do is based on the student ́s needs, the student ́s lifestyle and, of course, the student ́s budget.

We were students before we were teachers and we know from our own experience that being able to communicate with others when coming to a different country is one of the first things that students look for. That ́s why we get straight to the point: we teach the basics from the very first day, so our students are able to speak and see their own progress right from the beginning.

Learning Spanish in a unique location, where architecture, beauty, tradition, sounds and flavors still charm people, is the mission of this school. 


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